DITTAPRO SPORT is now on Ebay!

DITTAPRO SPORT is now on Ebay!  We now offer performance sports and leisure wear from major brands such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok and Puma. Please check out our brand new e-bay store  dittapro_sport  for our current list of available merchandise and premium sportswear.

The king of the wearable 2016 is?...

The DITTAPRO team may not rate it as highly as the report suggests but please take a bow... The Apple Watch ( or the iWatch as we like to call it )

That's according to the 2016 Smartwatch Device Satisfaction Report conducted by market research company J.D. Power, which looked at satisfaction levels for customers who purchased a smartwatch over the past twelve months.


Keep Calm... and Carry On


Emotion and stress technology is still somewhat of a niche market. In a world saturated with fitness trackers all focusing on steps and calories burned, The team at DITTAPRO were recently given the opportunity to road test the Spire a ‘Zen’ spin on the current modern wearable which claims to track and monitor your breathing helping you to de-stress and relax giving you an insight into your current state of mind and, of course, move more.

Its clipped to your belt and monitors, steps, calories and most importantly, your respiratory patterns which are linked...

Smart Hearables... Apple 'AirPods'

In September 2015, Apple filed a trademark for a wireless "airpods" version of its bundled EarPods

According to sources at  9To5Mac  the earbuds - which are rumoured to launch alongside the iPhone 7 will be completely wireless and will feature a noise cancelling microphone to make calls and command Siri.

Earlier reports indicate that the iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack and the Airpods will connect via the Lightning port. To charge the AirPods, users need to place them in a charging box that contains a rechargeable battery. 

The iPhone 7 is expected to launch later...

Suns Out! Introducing the L'Oreal My UV Patch... because your worth it.

Available this summer, and distributed for FREE, the first-ever stretchable skin sensor designed to monitor UV exposure and help consumers educate themselves about sun protection. The new technology arrives at a time when sun exposure has become a major health issue , with 90% of non melanoma skin cancers being associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sun in addition to attributing to skin pigmentation and premature skin damage.

The patch is a transparent adhesive that stretches and adheres directly to any area of skin that you want to monitor. Measuring approximately one square...