About Us


So What Makes Us Different?

First and foremost, you never get a second chance to make that first impression on your new customer so we know that our customer service will be an integral component to our success.

We will smile if we get praised and will turn the business upside down to resolve any problems so whether you're currently exploring ways to help improve your health, fitness and wellbeing goals, we guarantee that all are products will be genuine, durable, functional, affordable and effective for all your specific needs.


Why choose us?

1. Quality: When buying and sorting, we make sure that all products meet expected standards. All products will have packaging, tags and labels.  If they do not have this, then we shall expressly state it.
2. Speed: We aim to process your order instantly, once the order has gone through, our CRM system will notify you on its journey from the warehouse to your front door.  Of course orders on the weekend and after working hours are pending until next working period.

3. Cost: Most compromise this level of service with a higher price and we understand margins can be super tight, but we aim to keep our operational costs to an absolute minimum so we can pass on as much savings as possible to our customers by being business efficient.

Please feel free to contact us at any time day or night. Whether its to recommend a product or just to say hello. 

Inspired by modern technology and fuelled by adrenaline, DITTAPRO SPORT is here to inspire you to look, feel and be awesome!


To everyone that supports us..... THANKYOU