Breaking Bad(s)


No, not that one, but ones that can seriously affect our day to day lives.

Fact: Bad habits mentally and physically interrupt your life and can prevent you from accomplishing your life's achievable goals. Some are simply a way of alleviating stress and boredom and can range from wasting hours on the internet to biting your nails. Obviously there can be deeper underlying issues that can also cause bad habits and these can be quite difficult to deal with.

However, if your serious about making positive changes then it may be worth investing in a wearable smart device that can help you stop smoking, avoid the confectionery isle in your local supermarket, or even prompt you to leave your desk to take a few steps instead of being sat down all day. A small positive change in your daily life will significantly add up over the course of a year helping you break those little bad habits and create good ones that will change your life for the better.

There are plenty of downloadable apps available at the moment that can help you avoid drinking, smoking, eating bad foods as well as wearable smart devices that incorporate reminders for you to move. Some say it’s a matter of willpower or positive thinking that makes the difference but in my opinion your more likely to do something if you want to do it, as opposed to doing something you hate. If done correctly, a smart device can be a very effective and valuable tool you can turn to for help to correct a bad habit.

Think of it as your personal life coach, therapist and fitness trainer all rolled into one small convenient unobtrusive device that’s available to you all day every day.


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